Sunday, 17 January 2016

Making New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope your New Years celebrations were good. Have you made any New Years resolutions??

Most people that I know, know that as a rule, I don't make any resolutions. The number one reason for this is that I generally stick to them for a bit, but let go of them as the year progresses. So after a while, I decided not to make any.

This year was no different until I listened to a podcast recently about making goals.

What I found interesting about what was being said, is that there was nothing new in the advice given. The podcast was talking about SMART goals, which as Physios, we're taught to discuss and set with the people we see.  SMART stand for:


At times, I find this can be easier said than done.

As an example, if someone sprains their ankle, I would want them to have full-range of movement at the ankle, with strength and balance improved within six weeks. If they want to get back to their sport, I'd want them to be doing sport-specific exercises in week four to five, with the aim of getting them back to the sport after week six.

While listening to the podcast, I realised that despite having this knowledge of setting goals, I don't tend to apply this outside of my work life.

I thought I'd give it a go this year, so rather than making one big new year's resolution, I'll start with making a short-term goal of six-weeks.  I can then keep making short-term goals throughout the year and so will be more likely to stick to them and achieve them.  I also thought if I share them on here, then I'll be more likely to do to them!

Here goes - I would like to be able to run faster than I do. However, this is very non-specific and too general a statement. So, on a 5km run, I would average 5.30min/km or longer (depending on my legs). I would like to average 5.15min/km or less on a 5km run.

This goal is now specific to an average time on a 5km run, measurable (time and distance), should be achievable and realistic. I've given myself six weeks to achieve this goal, which will take me to the end of February.

In order to improve my running time, I'm going to commit to two strength sessions a week working primarily on my glutes strength and one running session a week working on either hill sprints and/or distance. I'll post later the exercises I've given myself.

I'll check in here in the next few weeks to let you know my progress. I'm planning on running in the Park Run at the end of February so I can get an official time. No pressure!

How about you - have you set any resolutions that you've stuck with or any short-term goals? I'd love to hear what personal challenges have been set for people.

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